Training Sessions

The project organises a set of two training sessions per year, half of them in remote or rural areas, with 15 participants per session. During the trainings, parents and carers improve their skills and key competences, including learning to learn, communication skills, and team-working, they become familiar with the content of the tool-kit and of the set of methods and with the Digital Learning Centre, they gain insight to children’s mental health post-pandemic and to ways to integrate pedagogical and didactic activities at home and in everyday life, they have access to (paedo)psychologic consultation, and they receive detailed and personalised information on Erasmus+ opportunities that the members of their family can benefit from. Ten trainees per year and per country are selected to participate in a matching programme – based on their performance during the trainings, their motivation, their time-budget, and under the condition that they have successfully completed the online course of the Digital Learning Centre. Priority is given to parents and carers in families from disadvantaged backgrounds and, if logistically possible, more than ten parents could participate.