“Growing Up Together Plus” Support Program for Parents of Young Children with Disabilities: Benefits from Parents’ Perspective

Language: English

Audience: Families

Type: Conference abstracts

Author: Ninoslava Pećnik; Ana Tokić Milaković; Nika Herceg

“Growing Up Together Plus” (Pećnik, Starc, Ljubešić, Jeić, Pribela-Hodap and Grubić, 2014) is a version of the universal parenting support program „Growing Up Together” for parents of preschool children (Pećnik & Starc, 2010) adapted to the needs of parents with a young child with developmental disabilities (CWD). The program consists of 11 weekly, two-hour, structured workshops (supported by a manual, presentations, short films and written materials for parents), designed for groups of 8-12 parents and being facilitated by two trained experts. As an addition to quantitative appraisal of the program effectiveness in a pre-post design framework (Tokić Milaković & Pećnik, 2022), the aim of this study was to examine the parental perceptions of the program outcomes in terms of their personal gains from the participation, as well as perceived gains for their CWD.

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