Are gains in emotional symptoms and emotion-regulation competencies after the REThink therapeutic game maintained in the long run? A 6-month follow-up

Language: English

Audience: Families

Type: Journal article

Author: David Oana; Liviu Fodor

Emotional disorders are the most prevalent mental health conditions affecting children and adolescents. Thus, it becomes essential to develop and test early intervention strategies that are accessible, attractive, and can effectively improve their emotional functioning. A randomized control trial compared the prevention effects of the REThink therapeutic game to those of a standard face-to-face prevention program, and a waitlist which was transformed at follow-up into care as usual. Out of 142 healthy children and adolescents who completed the intervention stage, 137 (mean age: 12.84, SD: 1.97) completed a follow-up assessment measuring emotional symptoms, depressive mood and emotion regulation.

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