An Integrated Analysis of the Impact of Spanish Family Support Programmes with Informed Evidence

Language: English

Audience: Families

Type: Journal article

Author: Carmen Orte , Javier Pérez-Padilla, Jesús Maya, Lidia Sánchez-Prieto, Joan Amer, Sofía Baena, Bárbara Lorence

A description is made of the quality of Spanish family support programmes, based on their impact, dissemination, scaling up in communities, and sustainability; 57 implemented programmes with informed evidence were selected by EurofamNet. Most of the programmes were shown to make a positive impact, using quantitative methodologies, and they were manualized, while about half of them defined the core contents and included professional training. From a cluster analysis of programmes with scaling up, those with a high and moderate level of systematization were identified, based on the existence of defined core contents, implementation conditions, institutional support, professional training, and reports of findings. The highly systematized programmes were characterized by a greater use of mixed methodologies, their scientific dissemination through different means, and their inclusion in services. A programme quality analysis is proposed, taking an integrated approach that relates the programme’s impact with its design, implementation, and evaluation of sustainability.

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